Onward Writing Soldier…

#WritersLife #EvangelistsPawn

For those of you that actually care, I’m going to give you a peek inside my head…or that special place that I call “The Attic”. For the last month I have been absolutely stumped by a simple chapter. I wrote the chapter…but I knew that it wasn’t right. It’s written in a very important part of the book: The end of the second act. I’m not going to get into all of the mechanics of story structure work; let’s just agree that the chapter I wrote would have wrecked the book. Unfortunately, I couldn’t compose a suitable situation…and the characters sure weren’t helping me out. Victoria, Becky Ann, Lucky and the rest of the folks stuck in 1958 Red Bank, Tennessee have been middling about for the last month, waiting for something to happen.
Finally…and I mean FINALLY, it all came together for me this morning. I’ve deleted the troublesome chapter, and rewrote my outline for the final act…lots of changes. New folks get a reprieve from the guillotine…and others meet their maker.

“Onward, writing soldier. Marching toward THE END.”

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