My Masseuse, Courtney…

ZZ 002

I haven’t visited my masseuse, Courtney, in about five weeks.

After a month of  creaking and moaning, I decided that it was time for a little tune-up.

It didn’t take long under Courtney’s trained fingers to determine that I needed a little more than a tune-up.

“You haven’t been exercising? All you’ve been doing is sitting at your desk…writing.”

I wanted to lie, but she knew my back as well as she knew her three children.

“Naw. I’ve been stuck at the desk.”

She sighed that sigh, mothers make when their child threw rocks at the hornet’s nest…after being told not to.

I’ve told you, the more you exercise, the less you have to see me. I know some of these things I do to you have to hurt. Mr. Gates, do you like me hurting you.”

I picked my head up from the head rest and found her soft, caring…yet somewhat sadistic eyes. “No, Courtney. I’m not really into the pain thing.”

She laughed and dug both hands into my trapezius muscle. I stifled a small scream while she made biscuits on the tight screen of muscle on the left side of my neck.

“Before you leave, we’re gonna go over your exercise protocols.” She pinched a stubborn trigger point, causing my toes to curl and my mind to consider less friendly greetings. “This is gonna hurt worse every time you don’t do what you’re supposed to do.”

I did visit my masseuse and chiropractor this morning. While I was a little loose and fast with our actual conversation, the pain was real in this morning’s session. Not because Courtney isn’t capable of doing her job. I suffered today because I didn’t follow her directions regarding proper maintenance of my “body machine” between visits to the “mechanic”.

Artists…the same thing goes for us. The longer we stay away from our task…creating new art…our skills become stiff. If we wait too long, we’ll need to start over from scratch. Learning old skills as if they were new.

Life throws us all kinds of curves, but find some time to write, draw, sing, compose something today. Don’t let your skills become stiff.

Otherwise, Courtney may have to manhandle you.


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