A simple trip around the sun…

Today is that day when many of us, recover from one drink too many…We make promises that we intend to keep…It’s the day that we look forward at the unknown promise that lies ahead of us.


I’m including myself to make you feel good about what you do.

I subscribe to a different school of thought…maybe you will too, once you read this blog.

I have a friend that promises to make serious life changes every January 1st. It is the day that is going to change his life. I used to give him my take on it…but he doesn’t listen. There’s always an excuse why his plan fell apart, but this new “resolution” is going to change his life. I’ve stopped offering my advice, and just nod my head in feigned agreement.

Anyhoo…here’s my thoughts on the fine art of New Year’s Resolutions…

January 1st holds the same 24-hours as any other day. In fact, each and every second is the end of a trip around our central star…and the beginning of another journey.

What I’m trying to say is that we all have demons to beat, goals to achieve and places to go. Why wait until January 1st to begin. Right now is the best time.

As I mentioned in my last post, I think that 2K18 is going to be a great year. Books are going to hit the shelves, new works are going to inch closer to completion, and my foray into the exciting world of screenplay composition is going to become an important part of my writing schedule.

I say that because 2K17 was not a very productive year. Health issues, taking on too many projects, and the biggest issue…poor planning, all played a part in 2K17 not being my greatest year in the writing biz.

Accountability is first and foremost. Who am I accountable to? That is a good question. Rather than bore you with the unimportant…I’ll tell you the answer:

I am accountable to you…the reader that comes up into The Attic to read my stories. Whether there is one of you, or one-million of you, I am accountable to each of you. Those of you that support my art and want me to create more of it.

This time, my resolution just happens to come up on New Year’s Day.

My resolution is to you…my dedicated friend.

Here is my approximate schedule for 2K18: (Of course, things are subject to change)

January 31 – Finish Scenic City Cafè Volume Three/Begin writing Scenic City Cafè Volume Four.

March 01 – Publish Scenic City Cafè Volume Three.

March 31 – Finish writing Scenic City Cafè Volume Four.

April 01 – Continue writing “Calling For Raine”

May 31 – Complete “Calling For Raine”

June 1 – Begin writing holiday horror book. (Yeah…the holiday season really inspired me to write some creepy stuff for next Christmas.)

Wednesday’s…work on “Evangelist’s Pawn” teleplay.

Weekend – I’m gonna step out of my realm and work on something new…and exciting.  I’m going to work in a genre that is unfamiliar. I’m scared, but ready to see other places inside of this exciting world or writing.

Well, it’s time to get to it.

Another trip around the sun begins…now.