It’s Just Another Day…

I’ve got the game on…but I’m not watching it.

It’s just another day.

I smell the bird, the dressing & green beans. I’m alone, upstairs in the Attic.

It’s just another day.

My job doesn’t allow time off.

It’s just another day.

I go to work, because I love my job. I wish that I ┬áhad all of those wasted years, months, weeks, and days back in my bank account. Nothing would keep me from my “appointed rounds.”

It would just be another day.

Tomorrow, I’ll sit my ass in this chair and pray for a couple thousand good words.

It’ll just be another day.


Confession Of An Addict…

My name is A.L. Gates and I’m an addict.

(This is your cue to say “Hi A.L.”)

Maybe this will be the moment that I step away from my addiction.

Thoreau, Shakespeare, Twain, and the thousands of others had it so good. The lived in a world of quiet. No digital noise to clutter the mind from composing the perfect sentence. Fitzgerald, Baldwin, Shirley Jackson (included her first name to avoid confusion), Langston Hughes (ditto for Mr. Hughes), Hemingway, Plath, and others throughout the 20th century listened to the clack of their typewriters and occasionally answered a phone attached to a wall.


This election sucked me in. With social media…I debated…discussed…and dissected topics, opinions and beliefs. I researched, topics that weren’t in my field of endeavor. I did learn some things…but I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing.

I did try to stop…to no avail.

When I woke up at 11AM this morning, I thought that the world was different.

It’s not. It is the same world that I left when I went to sleep at 5AM this morning.

Through all of this…I haven’t been writing the way that I should because of my addiction. All of the people that are important to me are homeless. My characters need a place to live, thrive, jump and play. The time that I’m spending on social media…HELL…I’m going to say it…


Because of my addiction, I’m not building the homes that my characters need to live and grow.

I’ve still got to use Facebook to update my A.L. Gates page, but my other page is dark.

Maybe I can treat myself when I finish a book by posting something there…but then, ya don’t give a heroin addict a bump when they’ve completed a year of sobriety.


I came to Facebook late, 2012. I jumped in with both feet. I’ve still got to keep my account open since I message folks, but I think that my notifications are going to be shut down.

Congratulations to the new President and those that supported him. I do hope that he delivers on his promises. (Except the wall. That’s just stupid.)

Everyone needs a reason to step away from their drug. I think that this is mine.

I think that my characters will have a better place to live if…

I can stay clean.