Short & Sweet…

I’ve been told that I’m not updating my blog enough. I’m not Twittering enough. My author pages on Facebook need more attention…Etc…Etc…


Here I sit, two weeks after my last blog post. Pecking a few words to you…

I am so flattered and humbled by your interest in what I’m up to. Maybe, one day I’ll write a book on “The Process”, people will love it and….

Maybe, one day I’ll be able to afford a real publicist that does nothing but crank out media stuff for me, arrange photo shoots and book signings.

Good reader, that time is not now. Right now, I’m a struggling new writer, sharpening a skill that I put away many years ago. I’m a fifty-year-old singles hitter trying to sharpen my skills for another run at the Major Leagues.

I’m currently writing a novel. Not my first novel, but my first under such a tight deadline. So with each word that I peck here, I’m thinking about the exploits of Christophe, François & Suavè.

When this project is completed, I’ve smiled and signed, been photographed and interviewed. I’m going to jump into another project that needs to be finished…and then I will…

Finish a noel that I started three years ago…Write some more short stories…Start and finish another novel…and another…and another…an anthology of select short stories…another novel…

You get the idea.

In the middle of all of that, I’ll post…I’ll update…I’ll let you know what’s going on inside my little brain.

And maybe…just maybe…I’ll get to the Major Leagues.



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