Fruit on the Vine

There is something magical about finishing a particularly difficult short story. It’s like a plant that won’t grow right. It was envisioned spindling up a wire, producing prodigious amounts of fruit. The fruit would drop, of its own accord, soft-sweet-and succulent, into my palm. The plant chose another path, and no matter how much I prodded and snipped, it was going off my planned course. When all is done, it will still need a bit of pruning and shaping…until that one day that the gardener decides all is done that will be done. The plant goes where it will…and others may stop to admire it…or keep on their daily paths. Concerned with the plants in their own gardens.


What’s Hap’nin?!?!

Getting my write on today. Still looking for some feedback on “I Wish…”. It is difficult for an old fart like me…an “old guy” fart like me to write in the mind of a 16 year old girl in 1977. So any input from y’all females would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to some upcoming projects…I’ll try to keep you all in the loop.

Gotta run right now. Getting interviewed…Ooooohhhh!!!

I Wish…(Entry IX)

September 12, 1977
I’m supposed to be the happiest girl in the entire state of Georgia, but I’m really confused. Oh, things are going great. I’m officially a member of the “LFO Sugar Babies”. That’s the name of the girls in our group. Crystal Torrance saw a play in New York with her daddy a few years ago named “Grease”, or something like that. She said that the girls in the Senior class were known as the “Pink Ladies” and were the coolest girls in the whole school. She’s always bragging on the trips that she takes with her daddy. I’ve gone to school with her ever since kindergarten. Until now we’ve never been close. Probably because she doesn’t like hanging out with “common folks”. She said that in sixth grade and I’ve never forgotten that she was pointing at Tillie Mae and me when she said it. Her daddy owns a car dealership, so it goes without saying that she drives a different car to school every few weeks. When she was in elementary school with me, I remember her being a bit pudgy and not very attractive. When she came to school for her sophomore year, she was drop dead gorgeous. I don’t know what she did over her summer break, but it really helped.
Anyways, Crystal is going to order satin white jackets with red trim and our names embroidered over our left breast. On the back, the words Sugar Babies is going to be stitched in a really fancy cursive style. Her plan is for all of us to wear our jackets when we have our high school reunions.
Crystal is the talkative one in our group. Her mouth never stops moving. Her brown hair falls around her face and her green eyes light up when she has something to tell us. Which is almost always. She’s become the leader of the girls side of the group since Tillie Mae passed away.
Munson, well that’s not his real name, is Freddy’s best friend. His real name is Roger Skyles. I’ve known him since his folks moved here when he was in fourth grade. I don’t want to sound mean, but Roge Munson is not very smart. I was his Biology partner last year and he only passed because I did all of the work. He reads really slow and needs help pronouncing most of the words. I have to admit that he has always been nice to me during class and Study Hall when we sometimes crammed for tests.
I guess you could call Munson the typical big, dumb jock. Maybe I’m being a bit mean. He’s really not dumb. I mean, he remembers all of the football stats of his team and college games and even the pros. On the football team he’s the center and a back-liner, or something like that. In he winter he is the forward and center on the basketball team. In the spring he’s the catcher on the baseball team.
People started calling him Munson around eighth grade. He’s been the catcher for all of the school baseball teams since seventh grade. His hero is some catcher in the big leagues called Thurman Munson. Freddy thinks that Munson is good enough to get drafted by some team and maybe play in the Major Leagues with Freddy.
He and Freddy have been friends since Freddy moved here. Freddy told me that it’s not unusual for the pitcher and catcher to have a close relationship because the game really relies on them working together. He’s the only person I know that doesn’t kiss Freddy’s butt. He speaks slowly. Musnon chooses his words carefully but isn’t afraid to tell Freddy if he’s picking too hard on someone.
I guess that Munson is what my dad would call the “Moral Compass” of the group. I remember Tillie Mae (Bless her soul), Crystal and Freddy picking on anyone and everyone that wasn’t blessed with good looks, or some kind of athletic talent. Munson lets the group go so far and then he recommends letting it drop, and then everything sort-of goes back to the way it was.
I wonder what the future holds for the five of us. I’m scared that I could write a happy ending onto your pages and “POOF”, it would all come true.
I’d better get some homework done or I’m not going to be able to do anything this weekend.
Talk to you tomorrow